Monday, 22 February 2010

On another roll...

Another old pic. This is cool - I get these online and out of my system, and maybe I'll start working on something new.

This one is from 2005. I must have been ok back then too because I still like this pic. It was also drawn on A3 paper (the scanner cut off the top half) so I was prepared to draw big. It's supposed to be Colossus and Shadowcat of the X-Men cornered by Sentinels. I really wanted to capture the 'Days Of Future Past' vibe from the Chris Claremont-John Byrne era, with the lo-fi look of the then futuristic mutant-killer robots.

Those X-Men comics from 1980 or thereabouts really sucked me in as a 5 year old. This particular story was reprinted in Marvel UK's Mighty World of Marvel, and from that point on it would always be the X-Men for me. It was also hard-hitting and pretty grim stuff as all the heroes were killed in that bleak future. Anyway, back then the comic would either come in to my local newsagent or it wouldn't, and then it was ultimately canceled mid-story around issue 10 - as a kid, you never knew why, you just went to the shop and hoped your comic would be in.

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