Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Birthday Invite

This is a little invite for Harry's birthday party. Can't believe he's two already. I did this pic with whitener pen on the cover of my black diary at the recent Offset conference. I went to a talk by Gary Baseman (www.garybaseman.com), who did the artwork for the Cranium game. He talked mostly about his collection of diaries and sketchbooks, and I certainly fall down in that regard - I rarely have one with me. Anyway, he sat in front of me at another talk and just started sketching in his book. So I drew this image on the cover of mine.

It was a white on black drawing, but true enough, it came in handy when I decided to do the invite. A bit of Photoshop, a touch of InDesign and here it is.

Birthday Card

This is a birthday card I did for my niece who celebrated her eleventh birthday last week. When she was ten I drew a pic on her card with the number '10' as a balloon - and I drew my son, who had his first birthday a week later, holding onto the the '1' balloon and floating away. The image depicted my niece shouting at him that it was her birthday, and that his was the following week.

She didn't like it. She felt it cast her as being a mean cousin, shouting at the little guy. Tough clientele. Back to the drawing board, and no unintentional implications in the above.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Not only am I not drawing anything new, I am now cropping old pics. Brilliant.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Wonder Woman - Put Some Clothes On!

I see
DC have redesigned Wonder Woman's costume, giving her leggings and some kind of cut-off jacket. This is to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions, apparently, and to reflect her status as some kind of street-fighting brawler. Always thought WW was more Superman's kind of gal than Batman's. Aside from the obvious shortcomings of the new design, what was wrong with the above? Ok, mini-skirts (or underpants) may not be practical in a superpower scrap, but you know, comic book heroine? I'm a firm believer that super-heroes should wear spandex.

Fine, costumes can be tinkered with - Cap's slightly more military look, Thor's more regal armour and Iron Man needs the latest tech, but why make an iconic hero look like an extra from a Paula Abdul video? Not-so-Wonder Woman.

My Wonder Woman above has an extremely small waist...