Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Wonder Woman - Put Some Clothes On!

I see
DC have redesigned Wonder Woman's costume, giving her leggings and some kind of cut-off jacket. This is to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions, apparently, and to reflect her status as some kind of street-fighting brawler. Always thought WW was more Superman's kind of gal than Batman's. Aside from the obvious shortcomings of the new design, what was wrong with the above? Ok, mini-skirts (or underpants) may not be practical in a superpower scrap, but you know, comic book heroine? I'm a firm believer that super-heroes should wear spandex.

Fine, costumes can be tinkered with - Cap's slightly more military look, Thor's more regal armour and Iron Man needs the latest tech, but why make an iconic hero look like an extra from a Paula Abdul video? Not-so-Wonder Woman.

My Wonder Woman above has an extremely small waist...

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